Mold Remediation


We specialize in environmental remediation business and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.

Traditional mold remediation techniques utilize biocide which is a chemical and just kills the mold.  This does not completely remove the harmful substance.  Spores are left behind which have the potential for recontamination.

Vanwal Environmental utilizes a state of the art enzyme (TM 100).  This enzyme actually consumes the mold and all residual spores.  Much like the old school video game Pac man, the enzyme literally eats the contaminates leaving nothing harmful behind.  Simply removing the spore is not enough.  Consuming all aspects of the contaminate is the one way to truly remediate the problem.

The EPA guidelines states that it is not enough to just kill the mold, all spores must be remediated which are the real culprit to air quality and breathing issues.

TM 100 enzyme is recommended by NAMM, (, the leading authority in Moisture Management and airborne Mycotoxins.

Vanwal Environmental is proud to offer state of the art in true mold remediation.

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